Caught Red Handed

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Big dicked beauty Milo Harper is in Vegas filming a few super sexy new scenes for us when he stumbles into our warehouse lined with tons of dick flick dvd’s. With his favorite porn stars staring at him from each box cover, our Milo gives into temptation and shoves a few movies down his already jock packed pants. Angel Rivera catches the boy on camera and decides to give him a few choices: he can tell the boss man; or, let Angel tan his hide! Naturally, the naughty boy chooses an ass smacking from Angel and, the wild rumpus begins! Rivera has Milo bend over the table and quickly gets to work wailing on the twink’s can till the olive skinned beauty’s booty turns beet red.

Angel Rivera and Milo Harper in Caught Red Handed

Angel is an ass spanking specialist who derives porn pleasure in punishing the boy’s perfect posterior. Mr. Masochist makes poor Milo undress as the caboose cracking continues, cramming his twink’s underwear up his crack and grabbing huge handfuls of ass along the way. He spanks, spreads and caresses the boy’s butt every which way, creating a spectacular spanking symphony in the fuck flick filled room. The ass master has Harper count down the last few smacks and uses a fistful of dvd’s for the final paddling. Then, in a deliciously dicky move, Rivera tosses a dvd at the boy as he kicks him out to catch his flight. Harper has a long trip back to Texas with that bright red burnin’ booty; and, we guarantee he’ll be thinking of this “Angelic” ass spanking the entire flight!

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