Double Trouble

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Angry ass Master Max Carter comes home to find his roommate Danny Nelson has not only been using his things but wearing his undies and fucking another sexy boy in his bed. Really! Danny strolls out of Carter’s bedroom fresh from fucking buddy Joey Mills. To say Max is mad would be an understatement, but he intends on evening the score. He bends his bad gay boy roommate over and spanks the fuck out of him while bed buddy Joey  Mills watches in the wings. Our Mills doesn’t even try to make a run for it, instead he sits and enjoys the smacking good show. Very soon our horny Max Carter catches on and he’s got two young twink tushes bent over a chair with their tight, smooth puckers pointing toward the heavens. He slaps their supple young flesh till it’s pink with pleasure, then orders the boy’s to have a go at one another’s asses.

Max Carter,Joey Mills and Danny Nelson in Double Trouble

The guys do such a great job they’ve stretched Carter’s cock rock hard. Really! With two wet, warm and willing mouths at his dick’s disposal, Carter has two sexy young twinks to stuff his throbbing third leg in. Both boner bitches get on their knees and worship at the ample alter of Carters amazing appendage. Max takes full advantage and fills each hungry whore’s pie holes with massive amounts of dick. He fucks their young mugs till his hog explodes with liquid ecstasy, covering the two cocksuckers with enough cum for them to share. Spent and satisfied he’s taught the twinks a lesson, he orders them to clean the house and then hit the bricks!

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