Hands On

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Super hunk Johnny Hands catches adorable little twink Riley Fitch sniffing a pair of his musky, manly smelling underwear. Hands isn’t happy having his privacy violated; so, he bends the bad boy over to teach the twink a hard lesson. The professional posterior paddler uses every ounce of force, winding up his thick, muscled arm to punish the boy’s booty with his wide open, powerful palm. He has the poor guy strip down to his deliciously dark hued drawers and does even more damage with a lusty leather paddle.

Johnny Hands and Riley Finch in Hands On

Finch inches forward; but, Jonny jacks the young boy back with an iron grip. Then, he brings out the big guns and flogs his fully naked underwear whiffer with a leather whip. Very soon angry Johnny soothes the sweet, pleasurable pain by caressing and blowing on Finch’s fanny, cooling the burn. But, there’s definitely no way to cool down this burning hot, heavy handed, smacking good spank scene.

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