Skilled Hands

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Sexy boy Dylan Hayes is four hours late coming home, allowing boyfriend Max Carter’s imagination to run wild and rile up a juicy jealous streak. When the dirty stay out finally arrives home, he finds master Max waiting, frustrated, furious and ready to enact his revenge. He bends Hayes’ hot hind end over and gives him the third degree while dominating the dude’s delicious derriere. Poor Dylan has several hours to answer for and Carter is intent on making the pretty boy pay by turning his perky posterior a porn perfect pink.

Max Carter and Dylan Hayes in Skilled Hands

Very soon Carter cracks the twink’s can in various stages of undress and the tight bodied, tan boy’s tasty tush looks absolutely edible every single, smacking good second. Really! After priming his boy’s booty with a heavy hand in tighty whities, Max muscles Dylan completely out of his drawers and demands an apology while he continues to annihilate that tight ass of his. The boy’s buoyant bubble butt is absolutely beautiful and Max manhandles it like a master, spanking, rubbing and caressing each meaty, muscle cheek into submission. By the end of this scorching spank session, hottie Hayes’ honey is hot red and scarlet ripe with repentance.

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