Spank This – Punish Me – Casey Tanner and Troy Ryan


Spank This presents Casey Tanner and Troy Ryan in “Punish Me”. Being roommates can be rough. Really! Learning to live with another dude’s habits and clutter can be downright frustrating at times. So, it’s good to be able to find ways to release all that pent up energy in a satisfying way. When household conflict arises between sexy boys Troy Ryan and Casey Tanner, the cute and submissive Tanner is quick to apologize. He also knows the perfect way for his young strapping stud buddy to take out his anger and teach him the lesson he desperately needs to learn. Breaking bad habits can be tough, but when your education comes at the hand and over the knee of Troy Ryan, it can really hit the spot.

Download Full Video on Spank This

Casey Tanner and Troy Ryan

Download Full Video on Spank This

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