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Max Carter Spanks Nicholas Romero 004

Cars & Consequences

Download Video Max Carter and Nicholas Romero in Cars & Consequences

Josh Brady Spanks Logan Cross 012

The Crime of Clumsiness

Download Video Logan Cross and Josh Brady in The Crime of Clumsiness    

Jeff Sterne Spanks Ethan Helms 014

Caught Skipping School

Download Video Jeff Sterne and Ethan Helms in Caught Skipping School

Jared Scott Spanks Jamie Ray 016

Bad Roommate

Download Video Jamie Ray and Jared Scott in Bad Roommate

Dustin Cook Spank 020

Curfew Violations

Download Video Jeff Sterne and Dustin Cook in Curfew Violations

Luke Wilder Spanks Marcell Tykes 016

Friend Fucker

Download Video Marcell Tykes and Luke Wilder in Friend Fucker

Josh Brady Spanks Bryce Foster 007

Employee Training

Download Video Josh Brady and Bryce Foster in Employee Training

Jeff Stern Spanks Nicholas Romero 012


Download Video Jeff Sterne and Nicholas Romero in Intervention

Ashton Summers Spanks Joey Mills 009

Breaking the Rulebreaker

Download Video Joey Mills and Ashton Summers in Breaking the Rulebreaker

Jeff Stern Spanks Caleb Gray 016

Slacker Spanking

Download Video Jeff Sterne and Caleb Gray in Slacker Spanking