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Jeff Sterne Spanks Trevor Harris 016

Private Education

Download Video Privileged pretty boy, Trevor Harris thinks the rules don’t apply to him at his private prep school. Back at home, the man with the money realizes his rambunctious rule breaker needs to...

Jeff Sterne Spanks Adam Hunt Jimmy Andrews 011

Double Discipline

Download Video Sexy guy Adam Hunt has dirty blond boy Jimmy Andrews over in the middle of the night for some some fun, the only problem is, mommy and daddy are sleeping in the...

Jeff Sterne Spanks Angel Rivera 019

Cannabis Consequences

Download Video Angel Rivera has it made, he lives in a beautiful home and is treated like a trophy boy but only if he gets his daily chores done! It’s a pretty sweet deal...

Jeff Sterne Spanks Ethan Helms 014

Caught Skipping School

Download Video Jeff Sterne and Ethan Helms in Caught Skipping School

Dustin Cook Spank 020

Curfew Violations

Download Video Jeff Sterne and Dustin Cook in Curfew Violations

Jeff Stern Spanks Nicholas Romero 012


Download Video Jeff Sterne and Nicholas Romero in Intervention

Jeff Stern Spanks Caleb Gray 016

Slacker Spanking

Download Video Jeff Sterne and Caleb Gray in Slacker Spanking

Jeff Sterne Spanks Cole Claire 009

Performance Report

Download Video Jeff Sterne and Cole Claire in Performance Report