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Max Carter Spanks Milo Harper 017

Poolside Spank

Download Video Young gay boy Milo Harper sneaks up on blond adonis Max Carter sunning himself by the pool. The naughty millennial captures the prank on snap chat but nearly wet Carter’s phone in...

WTF Jamie 015

WTF Jamie

Download Video Master of the manor Max Carter let his sexy boy Jamie Ray tend to his beloved dog Duke, but little Jamie slacked off and now it’s time to pay. Max teaches the...

Max Carter Spanks Tristan Adler 018

Elbows on Elbows

Download Video Angry master Max Carter comes home to his pretty puppy, Tristan Adler being naughty fast asleep on the couch taking a midday nap. Not only is Adler fast asleep, but his daily...

Max Carter Spanks Angel Rivera 020

Bend Over

Download Video Max Carter and Angel Rivera in Bend Over

Max Carter Spanks Nicholas Romero 004

Cars & Consequences

Download Video Max Carter and Nicholas Romero in Cars & Consequences

Max Carter Spanks Grayson Lange 7

Spank This – Do Not Disturb – Max Carter and Grayson Lange

Download Video Spank This presents Max Carter and Grayson Lange in “Do Not Disturb”. Distractions can be enemy number one to a good day’s work. Sometimes, when those distractions come in extremely hot and sexy little twink...

Spank This No Pain No Gain Max Carter Logan Cross 10

Spank This – No Pain No Gain – Max Carter and Logan Cross

Download Video Spank This presents Max Carter and Logan Cross in “No Pain No Gain”. Some naughty twinks don’t listen. Some sexy twinks talk too much. Some cute twinks are downright disrespectful. Really! When...