Taquito Thief

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Blond adonis Max Carter has a horny hunger and has taken his time putting together the perfect lunch of tasty taquitos when the doorbell rings. It seems to be a pranker pulling a ring and run. So, he goes back inside only to find neighborhood sexy boy Dustin Cook chowing down on his mighty meal! To say Max is mad would be an understatement. But our Carter puts that anger to ass and takes his hunger pangs out on Cook’s caboose. Master Max has taken a liking to the firm fanny and helps young and poor Dustin Cook out of his pants for a more severe swatting. He gives the twink’s seat a wank worthy wedgie so he can get a look at those smooth, cherry cheeks before making the beautiful boy get fully naked. Dustin begs for mercy but Max is only handing out spankings today and the more he begs the harder Carter cracks his can. Max makes pretty boy call him sir while he counts off the last few spankings before ordering Dustin to cook him up some more taquitos. After all, he definitely worked up an appetite on that beet red ass! Lesson learned.

Max Carter and Dustin Cook in Taquito Thief

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