Wake and Spank

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After two snooze alarms go off, Zach Letoa comes in to help lazy bones boyfriend Riley Finch rise and shine. With Riley’s rump looking scrumptious in camo covered sweats, Zach has a tough time keeping his hands off the merchandise. However, this is the Finch’s sweet spot; and, Letoa knows that if anything can get the boy “up,” it’s some ass smackin’. He keeps the twink in his sexy sweats for a bit, as Finch arches his back on all fours and thrusts his firm, fat fanny back at Letoa’s open palm.

Riley Finch and Zach Letoa in Wake and Spank

Very soon rambunctious Riley sheds his shirt, gets on his back, then begs his bf to remove his pants. Zach does so with a sly smile, then lifts Riley’s leg up to finish what he started. He goes at the boy’s tight, thick thigh and ample ass as Finch flinches, but moans for more. Next, lucky Letoa manhandles the hottie around and cracks that can good with Finch’s face buried in the pillow.

Our sexy dude hikes the young buck’s briefs up into the crack of that tight  ass, then goes ham on that hind end while Riley’s noggin knocks the headboard. Good and fired up, Zach pulls the pretty boy off the mattress, and tosses his underwear to the floor. He smacks that seat till Finch’s cheeks are cherry red and he’s writhing with the sweet, cock stiffening combination of pleasure and pain. We certainly hope Riley’s job doesn’t involve sitting down!

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