Wheel of Misfortune

My Dirties Fantasy presents Titus Snow and Peter Polloc in Wheel of Misfortune. Let’s look at boys!

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The rules are simple! First rule is… Spin and that is the command, the horny boy is aware of the rules, and gives the wheel the first spin. Toys is his first lucky experience, so Titus Snow pulls out the bucket of toys and starts opening his tight ass with a small dildo and gradually ups the sizes and even uses some glass butt plugs to open the boys hole.

When the round of anal abuse is over, Titus gives the wheel another spin, this time around it’s the turn of the fuck machine to continue the butt stretching, in the meantime Titus sits in front of the boys face and has Peter suck his dick. It’d seem that Titus gets a bit carried away, and beleives he is the fuck machine as soon after he had Peter bent over on the cage where he gives poor Peter a merciless fuck till he cums all over the slave boys face!

Wheel of Misfortune – Part 2

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With a turn of the wheel, Whipping is chosen, where after securing the boy down out comes the paddle which will be stroking Peters bare ass till it’s pinkish, then Titus pulls out the flogger whish will make his young ass even redder. With another spin, Wax is next up for the boy who will soon be covered in wax before getting another spin on the wheel, where Edging will be the final punishment for the Peter Polloc.

Titus Snow and Peter Polloc

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